‘Esoteric Yoga develops the quality 
that becomes the movement 
​that you will magnify through-out your body.’ 

 ~ Serge Benhayon

Esoteric Yoga was founded by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine in 1999 and has its foundations in Raja Yoga, which was introduced by Patanjali, over 2000 years ago.


Esoteric Yoga presents us with the opportunity to consider and look at the quality in which we move, the intentions behind why we move the way we do, and how we feel throughout our day as a result of our choices.

Esoteric Yoga offers a reference point in the body of what is feels like to move with care, tenderness and gentleness as a quality, rather than as opposed to the busyness, anxiousness and overwhelm that often drives and impacts upon our body – leaving it depleted and exhausted.


Online or face to face

Esoteric Yoga sessions are available online or face-to-face, one-off sessions or tailored programs to suit your needs. These sessions are very personalised and specific to your body.

 Each session brings focus to gentle movements, conscious presence and the opportunity to reconnect with the natural stillness within and restore a rhythm and a way of being with our body that supports and sustains our health, vitality and true wellbeing. 



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