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Our eyes are the medium through which others can make connection to our soul. Why not take a little care to enhance this connection and allow the sparkle of your eyes to be felt. Take care of your eyes through a little shaping and tinting of the eyebrows and lashes.

Threading is an ancient art of eyebrow shaping and facial hair removal technique, originating from East Asia and Middle East. Threading is the preferred method for shaping perfect eyebrows and very popular amongst celebrities’, leaving skin smooth, clean, silky and neat. By using a piece of thread, hair can be removed swiftly yet meticulously from the most delicate areas of the face. It is the best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin. Threading is completely safe and even recommended by dermatologists. Re-growth of the hair is fine and smooth.


Eyebrow Shaping, Upper Lip / Sides of Face / Chin Hair Removal, Full Face Hair Removal 



For Men and Women

The Facials that Amita is offering are an experience of deep healing, allowing you to connect to your body. With the firm holding touch of her hands and the nurturing facial massage, you will feel held. As part of the ritual you will also receive an arm massage. The whole facial ritual with the beautiful gentle products will leave your skin, deeply cleansed, nourished, hydrated, rejuvenated and alive with a glow from within.

(Products marine based, dairy free, some contain small trace of gluten)

A powerful anti-ageing treatment designed to instantly smooth, rejuvenate and plump up the skin. Packed with an advanced anti-oxidant formula, this highly effective facial helps to protect and regenerate skin cells whilst restoring radiance and clarity to the skin. (Gluten free optional)

Anti-Ageing Prescription Facial 


Advanced Smoothing Expert Facial 


This advanced facial combats the signs of ageing offering a targeted wrinkle action whilst reactivating a plump and luminous looking skin. Using the scientifically proven ‘youth molecule’ together with Gatineau’s Filmomasque, rich in amino acids, stressed skin is intensively recharged to restore smoothness and radiance. The ultimate wrinkle cure! 

(Some products contain small amount of gluten)

Recharge and detoxify dull, tired and environmentally damaged skin. Incorporating a cocktail of anti-oxidants and revitalising plant extracts skin recovers a healthy glow whilst lines and wrinkles are smoothed and pores are tightened.  The complexion is left feeling soft and supple and deeply hydrated.


(Some products contain small amount of gluten)

Health Glow Expert Facial 


Instant Lifting Expert Facial 


This comprehensive firming and contouring facial offers a hands-on approach to conquer the visible effects of skin ageing. Using Gatineau’s ultra-concentrated Defi Lift 3D ‘Lift’ Mask together with sculpting wands, the skin appears visibly rested, firmer and smoother whilst being visibly rejuvenated. 

(Some products contain small amount of gluten)

Our most luxurious and comprehensive anti-ageing facial, this rejuvenating treatment uses Gatineau’s renowned techniques to deliver instant and long-lasting results. Puffiness is reduced restoring definition to the face whilst the signs of fatigue are erased and vitality is restored. 


(Gluten free)

Anti-Ageing Premium Expert Facial 


Gatineau is brand that has been around for 90 years; it was designed by a therapist in the 1930’s using natural products and over the years has specialised in anti-ageing.

Amita has been using this brand for over 15 years, and part of what she loves about Gatineau is that their basic products, cleansers and toners, are alcohol free. The products are gentle, soft and silky when applied to the skin, the smells are delicate and light.


"As a practitioner they are beautiful products to work with and I absolutely love their silkiness and lightness."

As a brand Gatineau has been active in removing gluten from some of the product ranges. The products are also completely dairy free. Gatineau is a brand that is constantly evolving and committed to refining their products to support its clientele and customers.  

Gatineau Products

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