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Pure Harmony Clinic offers Therapies based on the principle that we all have an amazing essence that can never be tainted. To live from this essence, found deep within, becomes a means to heal the day to day stressors that can otherwise affect us.

Our treatments and  therapies, very powerfully offer the opportunity to connect back deeply with the inner-most of you. Clients can book individual sessions or a series of sessions precisely tailored to support individual requirements.


Hands on Healing and Bodywork Techniques are gentle, powerful and non-invasive. The healing techniques initiate the client to bring in a deeper awareness to one’s life and behaviours that then facilitates the oppportunity for a return to harmony. What comes across in a session primarily is that the client experiences feelings of gentleness and the body is suffused with warmth and love and reconnection to one’s inner self. Ask Amita for more information on Hands On Healing and Bodywork.

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