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The ancient art of Rituals brought to life

with modern beauty techniques

Classic Body Wrap

Anti-Ageing Facial

Bodywork & Complementary Therapies

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Principal Practitioner

With many years of experience in personal care, Complementary Health and Beauty, Amita Khurana has based Pure Harmony’s ethos on the overarching principle that self-love and care and our daily life choices are key to us living a harmonious life.



"Such an amazing facial - I felt able to completely let go and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I loved sense of ritual that Amita brings to her treatments and I am going to take that home to my own beauty regime"



"Going to Amita's clinic is a haven where she offers space to be able to open up and detangle all that is bothering me with practical tips to look at life and everyday situation differently.  The treatments Amita offers from facials to holistic healing therapies are gentle and effective in allowing the body to release and surrender to a level that I have not experienced from a beauty salon before."



"After my first treatment with Amita, I felt completely content and deeply rested. Her facials are completely different from anything I had experienced before."

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The Facials that Amita is offering are an experience of deep healing, allowing you to connect to your body. With the firm holding touch of her hands and nurturing facial massage, you will feel held. As part of the ritual you will also receive an arm massage. The whole facial ritual with the beautiful gentle products will leave your skin, deeply cleansed, nourished, hydrated, rejuvenated and alive with a glow from within.

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